Pneumatic Brake VB 25XX

  • Compact size gives more compact machine design
  • Reduction in price due to smaller design
  • Easy disassembly of brake design, results into easy maintenance
  • Design of brake housing gives us efficient heat dissipation
  • Electrical fan fitted on center hole to ensure constant heat dissipation
  • Bi-directional turbine and surrounding housing with ventilation hole permitting air circulation from middle to periphery of unit results best thermal power dissipation
  • Constant controllable torque due to stable friction lining material
Brake torque max. 960 Nm
Brake torque min. 1.5 Nm
Operating voltage 24 V DC / 230 V AC
Operating pressure max. 6 bar
Operating pressure min. 0.2 bar
Power loss max. 9 [email protected] 1000 rpm
Speed max. 2500 rpm
Coefficient of friction 0.35
Weight 22 kg