Erhardt+Leimer at ITMA Asia 2018

Automation and quality assurance for the textile industry


From October 15 - 19 Erhardt+Leimer will be at ITMA Asia (Shanghai) to present several products from their broad portfolio for automation and quality assurance in the textile industry.

Web guiding in difficult ambient conditions

One of them will be the digital segmented roller guider system ELSMART SWS 97, allowing most efficient web guiding in enclosed machines in which extreme requirements are placed on the system at temperatures of up to 100 °C along with steam and chemicals. Perforated high grade steel guiding profiles were developed for extremely damp and, in the majority of cases, very slippery web surfaces, providing sufficient friction for precise web guiding even in these difficult conditions, and even at high web speeds of up to
100 m/min (for standard applications); under special conditions a speed of up to 150 m/min is possible. A frequency-controlled additional drive can be mounted to overcome friction forces and to guarantee minimal web tension.
The SWS97 can be combined with the motor-driven spreading system ELSPREADER LGA 052, which is essential for reliable operation with knitted or loose-fed webs.

Automatic recognition of the front and back side of textiles

The ELSIDE camera system detects the structure of the material even at high production speeds and irrespective of the material distortion; in this way it is able to differentiate between the front and back side. ELSIDE is suitable for use in all textile manufacturing processes in which incorrectly sewn sections can have a negative influence on the downstream process. Before starting production, only a short teaching procedure is required during which the matrix CCD camera captures the structure of the textile web. Afterwards, an alarm signal is issued in the event of incorrectly sewn sections.

Cutting technology, proven a thousand times

Apart from this E+L will present two ELCUT cutting systems: the highly successful BTA80 edge cutter, sold more than 2000 times (in pairs) since it was launched in 2013, and the BT 2535 tube slitter with its
FE 5204 matrix drop stitch sensor, which reliably detects a very wide range of different drop stitch forms.
In addition, the ELFEED tenter guider, the ELTENS equipment for web tension measurement and control, the ELMAT solutions for temperature (dwell time), moisture and exhaust air control, the ELSTRAIGHT weft straightener and the camera-based ELCOUNT pick and course counter system will be on exhibition.
Erhardt+Leimer is at stand E10 in hall H6.


Download: Erhardt+Leimer at ITMA Asia 2018

  The  CCD matrix camera used for the ELSIDE application