Erhardt+Leimer at the China International Battery Fair

After a pandemic-related postponement, the 14th China International Battery Fair (CIBF), the world's largest trade fair for the battery industry, will take place in Shenzhen from March 19 to 21. Originally, the fair should have taken place in May 2020. The Erhardt+Leimer Group will exhibit its latest products for web guiding, web tension control, layer thickness and basis weight measurement and winding station control at its stand GT002 in hall 1.

Web guiders and web tension measurement from Erhardt+Leimer are used worldwide in all roll-to-roll processes in the production of Li-ion batteries and have been specially developed to meet the requirements of this industry. Simple commissioning, service and analysis options already available today, based on Web-Based Management, will be supported in the future by the new EL.NET technology – whether with web guiders of the ELGUIDER DRB14/23/25 series, as used in the areas of notching and lamination, or with pivoting frame systems for winding control or upstream of coating units and downstream of dryers, as used on coating lines or presses.

Depending on the application, these web guiders can be combined with infrared, ultrasonic or color line sensors. They can also be networked via Ethernet and already offer simple service and diagnostic options as well as further data exchange options by means of web-based management based on a standard web browser.

In addition to the web guiders, E+L will present ELTIM, an ultrasound-based system for contactless basis weight measurement, and the ELTENS web tension measurement and control system with various load cells.

According to E+L sales division manager Thomas Grimm, his company is currently recording sales growth in the battery industry in the high double-digit percentage range. "Due to the global orientation of the Erhardt+Leimer Group, we are more attuned to the requirements of this industry than anyone else and come into play as the leading supplier in all current projects."

Download: Erhardt+Leimer at China International Battery Fair