E+L systems on the Steel Cord Calender Line

  • Contactless laser & Eddy Current sensor
  • High precission thickness measurement
  • Thickness profile with traversing sensor
  • Output signal for thickness control
  • Detection of missing cords
  • Detection of twisted cords 
  • Detection of paired cords

An array of CCD cameras OL 82 with an LED backlight is used to detect presence, location and spread of each steel cord. The number of cameras can be selected to cover the width and achieve the required resolution.
Steel cord: 3-4 cameras
Tire cord: 8-12 cameras

The SRS63 steering roll system (option: ELGUIDER) corrects the web position to the machine centerline before it reaches an accumulator, calender or wind-up. Digital infrared sensors constantly monitor the edges of the web. The liner material is correctly wound using SR41 steering roll systems at the wind up station. 

Highly compact CCD line scan camera systems OL 82 measure (without touching the web) the rubberized steel cord. The width can be fed back to the pre-calender spreading systems.

Detection of missing rubber on top or bottom. An array of CCD cameras OL 91 is mounted on the front and back side of the calendered steel cord. High intensity LED lights provide the illumination. The cameras evaluate the surfaces continuously and save defect data in a database for quality control.

  • Defect signal communicated to PLC
  • Complete image processing within cameras
  • Optional with tension control
  • Integrated loadcell
  • Single sided sensor for easy liner handling
  • Compact guider
  • Integrated to existing network